Colette Morizot

I am a French and English language professor-turned-entrepreneur...

I am a French and English language professor-turned-entrepreneur. After a corporate career spanning 7 years, I decided to pursue my passion for communication and pedagogy by founding TheSchool 15 years ago with a vision to bridge the culture gap in the workforce, clients and leadership worldwide.

TheSchool is an exclusive French and English training corporation for professionnals and a language culture partner for organizations .
From implementing pedagogy practices for professionals to spearheading language programs over 15 years for international groups (SIG Group Philadelphia / Airbus Group ...) and University in Philadelhia USA, France, Europe I have diverse experience.
Serving on the board of as a co-founder has added another valuable dimension to my profile, hence adding agricultural and environmentally friendly diversity.

If you are interested, let’s talk about your objectives :
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