French courses

Language coaching, personalized lessons, etc.

Language coaching
- Preparation for meetings
- Preparation for negotiations between business personnel and their French speaking clients
- Assistance in correspondence in French ( letters and emails), both in sending and receiving

Personalized lessons
Traditional lessons both one-on-one or in groups
Intensive sessions (HR, commercial…)

French class by phone
A half hour French lesson on the phone for those too busy to take a one or two hour class. This class is also perfect for those interested in the spoken language.

Classes done on the internet by email
French classes are offered via email for those who wish to focus on the written word.

On-site seminars
French courses are offered at your workplace over the lunch hour. Groups of 4 to 10 meet once a week to talk about current events and professional interests.

Fluency evaluations for employees as well as new applicants We evaluate employees seeking promotions as well as testing candidates for employment before they are hired.